San Francisco, CA and Barcelona, Spain
February 28, 2012

Trusted Logic Mobility, the leading provider of security solutions for mobile and connected devices, and Wave Systems Corp. (NASDAQ:WAVX will showcase their combined solution enabling enterprises to extend security architectures normally associated to their PC assets to also cover mobile devices. The joint solution complies with the latest industry security standards.

Utilizing the smartphone as a token to authenticate the user, the solution allows encrypted data held in a corporate laptop computer to be unlocked. This is enabled by secure software based on the industry standard Mobile Trusted Module (MTM) to check the integrity of the smartphone.

Trusted Logic Mobility provides the MTM software, building on its Trusted Foundations™ security solution while leveraging the ARM® TrustZone™ secure hardware architecture. Wave Systems developed the application in the smartphone for communicating with the laptop as well as the software to evaluate the smartphone's integrity and provides the service for managing the MTM and the laptop's Self-Encrypting Drives.

"Trusted Logic Mobility's MTM software is derived from, and perfectly compatible with the authentication solution that is widely used in laptops," says Olivier Leger, General Manager of Trusted Logic Mobility. "This means corporate IT departments can leverage their investment, thus reducing costs and simplifying security management across devices."

"As security solutions are deployed by the industry in a full range of devices from phones to PCs, the opportunity for Wave to extend our products and services to support these devices is a natural next step," says Steven Sprague, CEO of Wave Systems Corp. "This solution shows the future of interoperable security in both PCs and mobile devices."

"We welcome Wave and Trusted Logic Mobility's demonstration that shows enhanced device security," said Ben Cade, General Manager of Secure Services Division at ARM. "The mobile market is rapidly adopting security solutions based on our TrustZone technology as the foundation for exciting new services and applications that are delivering opportunities for innovation and business."

Background Information
Trusted Foundations™ is Trusted Logic Mobility's hardware-software security architecture that stores, processes, and protects sensitive data in a dedicated zone, based on the ARM TrustZone chipset architecture which provides an isolated hardware area. This security architecture follows an industry standard known as Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).

Wave Systems developed the laptop security software known as EMBASSY Trust Suite.

The demonstration can be seen at:
Mobile World Congress: hall 2, booth B12 (Trusted Logic booth), February 27 - March 1
RSA Conference: booth 2626 (Wave Systems booth), February 27 - March 2

About Trusted Logic Mobility
Trusted Logic Mobility is the leading provider of security solutions for mobile and connected devices. These devices are requiring expanded capabilities to provide security for a growing number of digital services, with millions of people around the world using smartphones and tablets secured by Trusted Logic Mobility to watch high-definition videos, use mobile financial services and access corporate resources on-the-go. Semiconductor vendors, device manufacturers and service providers rely on the device security solutions of Trusted Logic Mobility to deliver innovative and feature-rich products and services. Trusted Logic Mobility serves its worldwide customer base through operations in Europe, Asia and the USA.

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