Lee, MA
September 26, 2012

Wave Systems Corp. (NASDAQ:WAVX) today announced that it has joined the ARM TrustZone® Ready Enablement Program to provide support and infrastructure for implementing enterprise security capabilities in mobile devices. As a partner in the program, Wave joins other industry leaders in helping chip manufacturers design and implement new industry standard security capabilities within ARM’s TrustZone architecture to enable full cross-platform interoperability across PCs, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

TrustZone Technology (developed by ARM, the world’s leading semiconductor IP supplier) is a System-on-Chip security concept that involves a hardware-isolated space for a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). Once integrated, core security services such as cryptography, storage and user interfaces can enable services to be deployed with a new level of security and convenience.

The primary goal of ARM's TrustZone Ready enablement program is to guide chip and device manufacturers to design robust, industry-certified security architecture into their products that will meet the needs of service providers looking to deploy secure services on secured platforms. Companies that implement system-wide security into their platforms can benefit from this program through a cohesive set of design blueprints, market requirements, and checklists aligned with industry standards.

“Smart phones, tablets and other devices are essential for today’s enterprise, and require access to sensitive applications and data. While these devices have excellent security for the mobile operator’s services, they lack basic security for use within an enterprise network,” commented Steven Sprague, Wave’s CEO. “ARM, with the TrustZone Ready Program, is taking the lead in making sure that standards-based security implemented in the TrustZone Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) is integrated into chipsets for mobile devices. Wave is committed to sharing its expertise in Trusted Platform Module (TPM) implementations, application development and trust infrastructure support.”

“Wave’s infrastructure for managing TPM and TPM-mobile-enabled devices will allow enterprise users to exploit the full capabilities of Trusted Computing Group standards across multiple device types,” added Jon Geater, Director of Technology for ARM Secure Services Division and Board Representative of ARM at GlobalPlatform. “ARM welcomes Wave into the TrustZone Ready Program as a valuable partner that will bring secure enterprise services to TrustZone secured devices running GlobalPlatform Trusted Execution Environments.”

Eliminating passwords, Providing Health Measurements for mobile devices

The TPM, shipped on more than half a billion PCs, is a cryptographic component built on specifications from the Trusted Computing Group. The TPM brings strong, enterprise-grade security features to consumer devices that are widely deployed in enterprise networks.  The TPM for mobile devices is uniquely designed to support the security needs of multiple stakeholders, allowing enterprises to provide strong security in end-user applications, satisfy the security requirements of third-party application developers, and support other parties. 

With a TPM Mobile implemented within the hardware-based security boundaries of ARM’s TrustZone and protected by a full function Trusted Execution Environment, enterprises will be able to take advantage of the strong security of the TPM in the following ways:

  • Protect corporate devices and user identities
  • Measure and attest to the integrity and health of the mobile device
  • Implement secure network access
  • Provide secure messaging for corporate traffic
  • Reduce the need for user passwords, with reliance on the device itself as a strong authentication token for access to services and data, including cloud-based functions.
  • Offer central control over devices which are lost or stolen to protect sensitive data

Increased emphasis on trusted computing is driving the security industry toward hardware-based technologies that offer improved access control, encryption, and the early detection of malware. With Wave’s industry-leading trusted computing solutions, customers are empowered to secure endpoint data, protect data-in-motion and ensure that only trusted devices gain access to the enterprise network.  Wave’s solution will provide enterprises with cross-platform interoperability between PCs and mobile devices for trusted computing-based functions and applications.

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