January 22, 2016

non FIPS model

January 22, 2016

non FIPS model

December 17, 2015

Wave Systems Corp. (NASDAQ: WAVX) announces  a five-year master licensing agreement (MLA) with a leading global corporation (as determined by the 2015 Fortune Global 500 List) for its Virtual Smart Card 2.0 solution. This MLA sets the terms and pricing for licenses and maintenance across the customer’s global organization and establishes it as their preferred two-factor authentication solution. Instead of one large license purchase for the entire organization, each of the customer’s subordinate divisions will make separate orders in accordance with the terms of this MLA. 

October 29, 2015

Wave Systems Corp. (NASDAQ: WAVX), an enterprise security software provider, announced today it will host a webcast/conference call to review its 2015 third quarter results on Thursday, November 12, at 4:30 p.m. ET.

October 8, 2015

Wave VSC 2.0 provides enterprises with a hardware-based, token-less, two-factor authentication security solution with the security of a hardware token solution and the convenience and cost savings of a software token solution – the best of both worlds. 

October 5, 2015

Wave Systems Corp. (NASDAQ: WAVX) and Silicon Application Corp. Group (SAC), a distribution leader in the microchip industry, announced that they have signed a three-year software license and distribution agreement for Trusted Platform Module (TPM) software management and maintenance.

The agreement grants to SAC a royalty-bearing limited license to use, reproduce, distribute and import Wave's TPM management software client for packaging and sales distribution with the TPM 2.0 microchip. Royalties are based upon units sold, but the agreement does not provide for minimum or guaranteed purchases or royalties. Initial shipments may begin in Q4 2015, but we do not expect material shipments to begin prior to early 2016.

October 2, 2015





October 2, 2015

Wave Systems Corp(NASDAQ: WAVX) today announced that it has completed an unsecured convertible bridge financing consisting of a $490,000 convertible bridge instrument that is required to be repaid on or before December 24, 2015 with a repayment amount of $588,000.  Noteholders were issued warrants to purchase up to 1,225,000 shares of Wave’s Class A common stock at an exercise price of $0.18 per share.  These warrants cannot be exercised for a period six months after the effective date of the transaction and the  warrants expire in September 2020.

September 10, 2015

March 24, 2017

Cyber-threats are everywhere, but with Wave Virtual Smart Card 2.0 (Wave VSC 2.0) enterprises have a hardware-based, tokenless, two-factor authentication security solution with the security of a hardware token solution and the convenience and cost savings of a software token solution.   

Wave VSC 2.0 delivers strong two-factor authentication using the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), the embedded security chip built into enterprise PCs.  Wave empowers IT with management of the TPM and VSC 2.0. Companies successfully use Wave VSC 2.0 to secure VPN access, web applications and other certificate-based applications, like Wi-Fi with 802.1x, remote desktop, or Windows-user login. Use the security that’s already been deployed and save money with Wave VSC 2.0.

Every month we see headlines highlighting mammoth breaches (i.e. EBay, JP Morgan Chase, Sony, Target, etc…).  In each case, millions of records were stolen, corporate images were tarnished, and enormous costs were incurred as a result. And equally disturbing, more often than not the attacks go undetected and as a result important information is stolen.