Security = data protection

When we talk about security, what we really mean is protecting data from theft and misuse. Proprietary information, R&D, corporate strategy, customer names and phone numbers, social security numbers, passwords … All have potential monetary value, and all are targets. Data theft is a growth industry. As an example, tens of thousands of new malware strains pop up daily. With online tools, even a non-technical person can create one in minutes.

The IT perimeter has vanished

Data protection is easy enough when your data is sitting in secure servers. But today, it’s not. The workforce is increasingly mobile. More than 60 percent of corporate data lives not on servers but on laptops, tablets, and other devices (and more and more of those devices are owned by employees). Data is dispersed, constantly moving, and constantly exposed to the Internet and all the malware, viruses, and hackers lurking there.

Wave’s solution: start with the device

The Wave approach to this challenge is to make the IT perimeter irrelevant. Wave turns on and manages the self-encrypting drives (SEDs) and trusted platform modules (TPMs), or security chips, that are already embedded in many of your devices. The upshot is that each and every device is equipped with its own data protection system—while being centrally managed. This gives you unprecedented yet straightforward control over exactly who has access to your data, with what devices, over what networks.

We cost less too. Wave works on your existing hardware, across platforms. That’s because our solutions are based on an open standard that’s already been implemented on 600 million–plus laptops and is now working its way onto mobile devices. Our software is all you need to reach a whole new level of data protection. It’s one of the big reasons why total cost of ownership can be almost half that of a traditional software-based system that doesn’t even work very well.

Heads-up: Wave supports Windows 8

Windows 8 offers important new security features. You’ll upgrade eventually. With Wave you can start taking advantage of the security hardware you already have, and when you make the transition to Windows 8, it will be seamless.