Used with ERAS for Device Identification

Detect attacks before it’s too late

Malware can do its work for weeks or months before you ever know it’s there. But with Wave Endpoint Monitor, you can spot malware before it has a chance to cause damage.

Antivirus software can’t detect rootkits and other malware; it works at the level of the OS and isn’t very good at seeing deeper into the system. For example, it can’t tell whether the boot record is lying. The Wave alternative is to work with the Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs), or security chips, embedded in your devices. By using the TPM to attest to the security of the device each time that device boots, Wave looks below the operating system and can help detect threats lurking there. Every time a device boots up, Wave Endpoint Monitor makes a comparison against previous boot values, and if anything deviates from the norm, it alerts you immediately.

An open standard means Wave works with everything

Wave Endpoint Monitor works on your existing hardware, across platforms. That’s because our solutions are based on an open standard that’s already been implemented on many laptops and is now working its way onto mobile devices. We’re talking about those TPMs. We just don’t think that expensive new equipment and vendor lock-in are great selling points.

Be proactive on compliance

No new regulations here—yet. But government agencies recognize malware as a growing threat. In 2011, NIST published guidelines for basic input/output system (BIOS) integrity measurement, the BIOS being what initializes a computer when it boots up. When this critical system is malware’s target, the consequences are big. The guidelines describe what’s needed to establish a chain of trust for the BIOS: Has it been tampered with? NIST actually looked to Wave for feedback on this document (see the acknowledgments). We know what’s needed, because Wave Endpoint Monitor is already doing it.

Key Features: 

Easy security compliance

  • Comports with NIST guidelines for BIOS integrity

Data protection

  • Ensures that you can trust the integrity of your measurements for central analysis
  • Real-time alerts for zero-day detection of APTs
  • Get Windows 8 Malware protection now—WEM covers previous versions of Windows


  • Uses standards-based security that’s in every PC you own
  • Measurement notifications and reports can be customized for your processes and work flows
  • Centralized, remote activation and management of your TPMs
  • E-discover which PCs in your organization are enabled for endpoint monitoring

No compromises

  • Ensure host integrity—without expensive hardware or excessive administrative overhead

Windows 8 Tablet Compatibility