Enterprises choose Wave to manage SEDs

Why? From our single console, you can manage all your organization’s self-encrypting drives (SEDs) easily and remotely, whether they number in the hundreds, or hundreds of thousands.

SEDs are the most secure, best-performing and most transparent encryption option for protecting data on laptops. These drives automatically encrypt all data written to the drive, so you don’t have to decide what’s important enough to encrypt. They also perform this encryption in the hardware of the drive, so you don’t end up with the performance issues software full-disk encryption is infamous for. SEDs are available as HDD or SSD, and are sold by most major drive manufacturers.

Wave’s management solution delivers remote drive initialization, user management, drive locking, user recovery and crypto-erase for all Opal-based, proprietary and solid-state SEDs.

Easy proof of compliance

Your encryption is only as good as you can prove it to be. To comply with most data protection regulations, your organization has to prove encryption was in place at the time of a potential breach. Wave provides secure audit logs to help you demonstrate compliance.

If you lose a device with a Wave-managed SED, there’s no wondering or guessing. You know encryption was on by default, and you can prove it.

No vendor lock-in

SED technology was created and standardized by a consortium of the best in the infosec industry, a standards body called the Trusted Computing Group (TCG). This means you can buy your drives wherever you want, from whatever vendor you want—any SED built to the TCG’s Opal specification can be managed by Wave.

No SEDs yet? No problem.

If your organization hasn’t yet deployed SEDs, you can skip the process of retro-fitting and simply incorporate SEDs on all new laptops as part of your regular refresh cycle. In the meantime, the same Wave console can manage BitLocker and SEDs, so you can protect the devices you have now with BitLocker and add those with SEDs as they are deployed. And if you’re using Wave’s cloud platform, you can also support OSX FileVault2.

Pick your platform

Wave SED management is available via the cloud or on-premise servers. Ask us for more details about which platform is right for your deployment.

Key Features: 

Easy security compliance

  • Active monitoring, logging and reporting of all user and device events

Data protection

  • Local changes are prohibited
  • Drive locking is supported in sleep or standby (S3) modes
  • Manage clients inside or outside the firewall and on non-domain machines


  • Everything is automatically encrypted—users don’t have to identify which data is sensitive
  • Windows password synchronization and single sign-on
  • Add or remove users remotely
  • MMC snap-in is familiar and easy—less administrator training
  • Role management allows delegation of tasks with customized or predefined roles.

No compromises

  • Encryption is completely transparent to your users—they won’t even notice it's there
  • Customizable pre-boot message at authentication screen