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Cyber-threats are everywhere, but with Wave Virtual Smart Card 2.0 (Wave VSC 2.0) enterprises have a hardware-based, tokenless, two-factor authentication security solution with the security of a...
The deployment of encryption is commonly perceived as a complicated and expensive
Today’s organizations, both large and small, are faced with the challenging task of securing a seemingly borderless domain of company assets.
T-Assets in einer scheinbar grenzenlosen Domäne schützen zu müssen.
Existing authentication schemes such as passwords, tokens, and smart cards have failed to prevent the unabated rise in data breaches. Adoption of complex authentication products has led to...
The enterprise network is being modernized because users expect consistent availability of services regardless of the device they are using and the network they are on.  They balk when their laptop
The iOS and android tablet phenomenon took the enterprise by storm, or so it seemed. Almost every Fortune 500 is showing off Tablet based programs.