Like the smartphone before it, the tablet is blurring the line between consumer toy and enterprise workhorse. Developed to be intuitive, sleek, and fun, consumer technology like the tablet has plenty of immediately apparent advantages over what a corporation would traditionally choose for its employees. It is no wonder, then, that these consumer tools leak over the corporate boundaries—despite the security flaws that come with something designed to play games and read restaurant reviews instead of analyze customer data.

This crossover isn’t a surprise when you remember that enterprise users are consumers in their spare time. Once they are comfortable with a tool, they want to use it for whatever the task at hand may be. With the increase in mobile and remote workers, enterprise boundaries have become more porous, allowing non-secured devices access to resources that would formerly have been tucked securely behind a firewall.

This poses a dilemma for enterprise IT decision-makers: how to promote user productivity by allowing tablets, without creating a gaping hole in security. In short, they need to somehow marry consumer simplicity and enterprise security.

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