Much of the complexity, stress, and expense of data protection stems from hanging on to a failed, 20th-century approach to the problem. Namely, piling on layers of software in an attempt to keep the bad guys and their viruses out. But there is no “in” to keep them out of anymore. Consider today’s increasingly mobile workforce, the proliferation of personal devices, and the growing use of web applications—all of which cyber criminals have learned to take advantage of.

The Wave alternative  is to start with the device. The security is built in—part of the hardware—not added on. With the device as your foundation, you have unprecedented yet straightforward control over exactly who has access to your data, with what devices, over what networks, which eliminates much of that complexity, stress, and expense. Total cost of ownership for Wave data protection can be almost half that of a traditional software-based system.

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Meeting government regulations can be complex and costly. Wave has the solution: start with the devices you already have.
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Data Protection

Today, data is dispersed, constantly moving, and constantly exposed to the Internet. No problem on all counts when you can get pervasive encryption by starting with the device.
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Malware Protection

Antivirus software can’t detect malware, now far more common than spam and regular viruses. How do you beat it? Start with the device.
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More devices than ever are connecting to your network: user ID is no longer enough. For the extra level of security you need, recruit your devices.
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