Since 1992, Metastore believes in freedom of choice. We go beyond mainstream and offer hand-picked solutions and tailored services that accommodate our clients' specific needs. IT professionals and integrators see Metastore as the trusted alternative, an IT expert's expert. Starting with mainframe security software, we paved our way into intelligence solutions and services for the hybrid enterprise cloud.

Go Beyond. Metastore challenges its clients to go beyond the beaten path and explore solutions that better accommodate their needs. We offer hand-picked solutions and services, tailored to IT infrastructure problems difficult to cope with. 

  • We manage your entire IT environment - from security to document management and mainframe
  • One central point of contact for both sales and technical questions (support)
  • Communication in your own language
  • Extra service and training

Contact: Marc Zordan

+352 691 63 65 60
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Authorized VAD