The Vantage Group is an information security consulting firm and solution provider that focuses on sensitive data protection.  Vantage assists organizations in the health care, government, and financial services with sensitive data protection and regulatory compliance.  The Vantage Group approach relies on a Data-Centric-Security model helping clients identify, classify, and protect sensitive information throughout its lifecycle.  Vantage helps its clients understand and adopt information security best practices that maintain protection of sensitive data while ensuring business continuity.

Vantage partners with industry leading security companies to deliver information security solutions to cover all levels of the information delivery stack.  Vantage offers encryption solutions for laptop disk encryption, removable media encryption, mobile device security, and databases.  Vantage also provides solutions to monitor and protect sensitive data at the database and application layers.  Secure messaging and data loss prevention also complement Vantage’s offerings.  When organizations are unsure of their security needs, Vantage can also provide guidance and direction through data risk assessments and cooperative reviews of policy configurations to determine appropriate controls are added or modified to maintain compliance with applicable laws and mandates.

Vantage staff includes industry and vendor certified consultants and engineers to help clients design and implement comprehensive security solutions tailored to the needs of their individual organization.

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