A Legacy Product

The Wave Systems' EMBASSY® Trusted Drive Manager (TDM) is a legacy product. Aspects and features of this product have been fully incorporated into current versions of the EMBASSY Security Center.

Full support for this product is available in our Customer Support Center and Wave continues to improve and refine our products to meet your PC security needs.

The TDM component is integrated into the EMBASSY Security Center to activate the hardware-based full disk encryption features of Seagate, Samsung and all available Opal-compliant self-encrypting drives. Self-encrypting drives are laptop hard drives with an on-board security controller and embedded capabilities for media-speed full disk encryption and pre-boot authentication. Self-encrypting drives with security activated using the Trusted Drive Manager protect against data loss due to a lost or stolen PC. The Trusted Drive Manager software activates the security that distinguishes a self-encrypting drive from a standard hard drive.

Key Features: 

Drive Management

  • Initialize/un-initialize drive
  • Instant cryptographic erase
  • Backup of administrator's credentials
  • Drive locking management
  • Pre-boot authentication configuration
  • Windows Password Synchronization
  • Single Sign-On to Windows

User Management

  • Add user
  • Delete user
  • Reset user password
Key Benefits: 
  • Automatic, transparent data protection based in secure hardware
  • Seamless performance for media-speed full disk encryption
  • Eliminates the complexity of full disk encryption
  • Tamper-resistant pre-boot authentication
  • Secure and instantaneous cryptographic erase
  • Complies with data protection regulations
  • Cost-effective compared to software-based solutions