Wave Mobility Pro – Tablet Edition is a legacy product. The encryption and authentication management for tablets offered by this product have been incorporated into Wave’s EMBASSY Remote Administration Server (ERAS) for SED Management and Wave Virtual Smart Card 2.0. Wave continues to improve and refine our products to meet your PC security needs

There’s a time and a place for compromise, but securing enterprise tablets is not it. We know—users expect mobility, they want always-on functionality, and their productivity depends on easy access to enterprise resources—whether in the office or out. This means tremendous pressure to incorporate tablets into the enterprise, sometimes over the protests of IT security teams. But tablets weren’t designed for the enterprise, and rushing into deploying unsecured devices can have dire consequences.

Consider it this way: if tablets are being used in the enterprise, they should be held to the same standards as any other enterprise device. Wave believes your tablets should be subject to the same rigorous security and manageability requirements as your PCs and laptops, and with the advent of Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise tablets, this vision is possible.

Windows 8 Tablets: Reimagining Tablets for the Enterprise

Many Windows 8 tablets include onboard TPMs. This inclusion of industry-standard hardware security is one of the features that marks them as serious enterprise devices, designed with security in mind. Industry-standard, vendor-neutral hardware security—where have you heard that before? In fact, this is the same TPM that is included on most business-class PCs, which you may be using for strong authentication and managed encryption in your enterprise today.

Windows 8 tablets give you the basic tools you need to secure tablets to the same standard as all your other enterprise devices.

The Best of Wave, Customized for your Tablets

Microsoft put the tools on their Windows 8 tablets; now how do you use them? Wave can help you organize the toolbox and understand when to use what.

The Wave Mobility Pro – Tablet Edition bundle combines elements of Wave’s award-winning, vendor-neutral suite of products to help enterprises bring Windows 8 tablets into the fabric of their existing security architecture. Automate security policies and get full compliance reporting, across all enterprise endpoints—regardless of whether the device is a Windows 8 tablet or a PC running an earlier operating system. Save money and get better functionality by buying a product designed with security in mind, instead of Mobile Device Management (MDM) software that enforces password policies and remotely wipes devices, but not much else.

With Wave Mobility Pro – Tablet Edition, you get:

  • Strong Authentication – use the TPM as a Virtual Smart Card to secure VPN, WiFi, DirectAccess – without passwords
  • Managed Encryption – choose the option that best fits your needs – hardware or software, including self-encrypting drives, port and removable media control
  • Professional Services – work with our team of experts to optimize your investment and install add-ons like device health/malware detection and data protection for content shared on the Cloud
Key Features: 
  • Supports mixed environments with backward compatibility into pre-Win­dows 8 operating systems
  • Streamlines user experience by taking passwords out of the equation
  • Optimizes ROI by eliminating the need for separate Mobile Device Manage­ment software
  • Standardizes security practices across the enterprise by using the same tools to manage PCs and tablets alike
  • Helps the enterprise manage and take advantage of the industry-standard security technology available on many Windows 8 Pro & Enterprise tablets – TPMs and SEDs